Young Carers 'Lonely' Summer Holidays

6 August 2018, 15:33 | Updated: 6 August 2018, 15:45

14-year-old Jess Siagian from Carlyon Bay in Cornwall is a young carer for her brother Jacob, 13, who is severally mentally and physically disabled.

Apart from five hours every Saturday when a professional carer takes over, Jess and her mum Natalie are the sole carers for Jacob, who needs constant looking after. 

Jacob has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and is registered blind so needs constant care. "My mum and I take it in turns being with him around the clock and have to do everything for him including getting him out of bed in the morning, giving him a bath and dressing him. 

"I dread the extra hours I have to do in the summer holidays as it can get very boring at times." 

She's been given a lifeline by Action For Children's Kernow Young Carers who organise trips and help during the holidays so jess can go out and make new friends who understand her position. 

All ready she has been climbing and go-karting with a few days on the beach. It doesn't cost the families any money to send young carers on days like this and is an incredible experience for those 'missing out' on their childhood.