Ten Things You Never Knew About James

We know that James gets you home every weekday afternoon from 4, but here's 10 things you didn't know about him...

1.   A Cornish Boy, born and bred

2.   I'm allergic to horses!

3.   If it's on the sale rail, I buy it

4.   I love spending the day at the beach or near the coast

5.   I struggle to cry at real stuff, but films really get me

6.   I have stereotypical phobia's including spiders and heights

7.   I'm very good at making people laugh. Usually it just takes the sight of my face!

8.   I eat anything, which is just as well as I can't cook!

9.   I love to have a shower and do so twice a day

10.  He has a big organ, no really, he pulls it behind him on a trailer!

Fistral Beach Takeover