£1m Boscombe Police Hub Damaged By Flooding

24 May 2016, 09:34 | Updated: 24 May 2016, 11:20

Officers have had to temporarily move out of a new £1 million police station in Boscombe - after it suffered flood damage.

A leak above the police hub damaged some equipment earlier this month - and some officers have had to take the train from Christchurch for patrols.

Dorset Police say it's had 'little impact on policing' - and its working with Bournemouth Borough Council on repairs.

A spokesperson said:

"A water leak occurred in premises above Boscombe police hub on Friday 6 May 2016.

"It resulted in damage to the police hub building and some equipment.

"Dorset Police is working with the leaseholder Bournemouth Council to deal with the issue.

"The leak should have minimal impact on the public and on operational neighbourhood policing, however some police staff have been temporarily relocated to a suitable alternative location."

Bournemouth Neighbourhood Chief Inspector Mike Claxton, said: 

"Officers and staff have been temporarily relocated to Christchurch Police Station while we identify the extent of the damage and timescale of repairs.

"This has had little impact on operational and neighbourhood policing, and officers continue to patrol and respond to incidents as usual.

"Some officers have been taking the train from Christchurch to Pokesdown, in addition to the usual use of police vehicles, cycles and foot patrol, which has allowed them to provide a continued presence in Boscombe whilst the Hub is unavailable."

Sue Bickler, Head of Community Regeneration at Bournemouth Borough Council, said:

"Unfortunately a water leak in the upstairs flat caused damage to the office underneath including the electrical supply. Dorset Police have moved into temporary accommodation. The matter will be subject to a claim through the Landlord's insurance."