3,250 Bad Drivers Caught Out

27 March 2010, 09:20 | Updated: 27 March 2010, 09:27

3,250 drivers caught have been caught in two months as part of a year long crackdown on bad driving in Dorset.

The ‘no excuse’ campaign aims to reduce the number of people killed and seriously hurt on Dorset’s roads.

The reasons people were stopped include:

•       320 people who learnt there’s no excuse for using a mobile phone while driving
•       560 people who learnt there’s no excuse for not wearing a seatbelt
•       60 people who learnt there’s no excuse for driving while not in proper control of their vehicle
•       60 people who learnt there’s no excuse for driving without insurance, licence or MOT certificates or a mixture of all three
•       And 2,100 people who learnt there’s no excuse for exceeding the signed speed limit.

Some specific offences or incidents reported by the ‘no excuse’ team included:

•       A man spotted reading a map held in one hand while steering with the other, who didn’t seem happy to look up and see police officers looking at him or when he they issued him his ticket.

•       A man driving a Ferrari who thought that throwing his mobile phone under his car seat and claiming he wasn't using it was a good ploy. He eventually retrieved the phone and admitted the offence for which he duly received his ticket, alongside the other ticket he got for not wearing a seatbelt.

•       A young man who became a pedestrian when officers seized his moped for a second public annoyance offence committed on the bike after he got bored of sitting in a queue of traffic and decided to ride along the pavement to save time.

•       A man who reconsidered his stance when he was caught using both hands to eat a ploughman's roll and opted for attendance on a driver awareness course (if he meets the strict criteria) rather than explaining his actions to magistrates, which he first stated his intention to do.

Brian Austin, Project Manager for 'no excuse', said:

"We have been greatly encouraged by the comments received from people in Dorset, nationally and internationally showing that the aim of ‘no excuse’ is understood and applauded.

"The ‘no excuse’ team is committed to being out on Dorset's roads continuing to use a mixture of covert and overt operations to enforce the message that there is no excuse for bad and dangerous driving."

Many people driving on Dorset’s roads will have noticed signs saying ‘Caught? No excuse’ on roads in towns and villages. These temporary posters are being displayed at 125 sites where speed indicator devices are periodically positioned. They are there to point out that drivers and motorcyclists who break the law and endanger themselves and others could be caught anywhere, at any time.