Spur Road Reopened After Ambulance Fire

An investigation's underway after an ambulance caught fire on the A338 Spur road out of Bournemouth.

Police tell us it happened at around 11.25am on Tuesday 2nd August. A 100 meter cordon was put in place one mile south of the Ashley Heath Roundabout over concerns there were some unexploded oxygen cylinders inside the vehicle.

Matchams Lane was also closed. All road closures were fully lifted at 1.28pm.

Officers still don't know why the ambulance caught fire but say Dorset Fire and Rescue are investigating.

In a statement, South Western Ambulance Service said:

"A non urgent patient transport vehicle carrying out a routine journey caught fire today just before midday on the A338 in the Ringwood area.

The fire service and police are dealing with the incident and the A338 was temporarily closed as a result.

Thankfully, the two crew members and one patient on board were completely unharmed.

An investigation will be carried out into this incident as a priority and the Trust would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused."