Another Warning About Dorset Cliffs

There's another warning today about unstable cliffs along parts of the Dorset coastline.

At 5.45pm on Thursday 2nd August, Portland Coastguard received a 999 call from a young man reporting that himself and a friend were cut off by the tide at Charmouth. The men had walked past a recent landslip in the area and had become cut off by the rising spring tide behind them. 

The coastguard rescue helicopter based at Portland was scrambled and the two men were winched to safety.

After dealing with this, another 999 call was received reporting a similar incident nearer to Lyme Regis where another two men were cut off by the tide. This time, the Coastguard rescue officers on scene assessed that the best way to recover these two boys was by an inshore lifeboat and the lifeboat was requested to launch.

In the first of the men were aged 19 and 22, and the second one 24 and 21. All were holidaying in the area with their parents. 

These two incidents both follow a similar incident on Wednesday (1st August) evening on the cliffs between Sandy Bay, near Exmouth and Budleigh Salterton where a grandfather and his grandson became trapped on the cliffs.

Ros Evans, Watch Manager, Portland Coastguard said: "All of these incidents could have been avoided, if people check the tides. 

"We currently have high spring tides at the moment, and we have also had several areas where the cliff structure is changing due to the natural effects of the weather. 

"We would remind anyone going on a visit to the beach, to make sure they check the tide times and heed any warning signs relevant to the area they are visiting. 

"Areas of the coast that have a history of unstable cliffs have warning signs displayed for that reason. Please make sure you if you are visiting these areas, that you read them and understand what they mean. In you see anyone in trouble at the coast, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard."