Armed Police Patrols In Dorset For Christmas

29 November 2018, 09:05 | Updated: 29 November 2018, 09:08

Armed police in Manchester

Armed police will be patrolling towns in Dorset over Christmas and New Year.

They did the same last year.

Dorset Police say officers with weapons will be seen in busy festive locations to offer reassurance and extra security.

Head of Alliance Specialist Operations Superintendent Nikki Leaper said: 

"Similar to last year, police - including our armed officers - will be patrolling busy festive locations and events to offer a high-visibility level of protection to our public.

"I want to reassure the public that there is no increase in the threat level, nor is there any specific threat within Devon, Cornwall or Dorset. However, the festive period leads to significant events and crowded places where this additional level of support could be beneficial to local policing teams across the alliance area.

"Our message to the public is to go about their day as normal, enjoy the festive period and stay safe. If anyone sees anything suspicious please tell an officer or official event staff member. You can approach any of our officers directly as they are here to protect and serve our communities, or you can contact us on 101, or in the case of an emergency dial 999. You can also get in touch to report anything suspicious confidentially via or 0800 789 321."