Bournemouth IT Worker Speaks About Fighting IS

8 April 2015, 07:31

A former IT worker from Bournemouth's been speaking for the first time since leaving the UK to fight Islamic State extremists in Syria.

Jac Holmes, 22, joined Kurdish forces battling the Islamic State (IS) in northern Syria in January.

In an interview with a Kurdish TV station, Mr Holmes, who has no previous military experience, called for help with the conflict from Western governments.

He told Ronhai TV, which is based in Syrian Kurdistan:

``It was very troubling when Kobane started and the rest of Rojava was attacked because in the west all you heard about was Kabane and nowhere else.

``So I think the rest of the world, especially the governments, need to send people here and see what it's like and see that we need to be helping these people in every way we can, especially in Rojava

``There are a lot of things that governments could do here to assist them.''

Mr Holmes, who was filming wearing green military fatigues during the interview, joined the People's Protection Unit, or YPG - the main Kurdish force in northern Syria - after leaving Dorset.

He is not the first Briton to have left the UK and travelled to Syria and Iraq since the conflict began.

The Metropolitan Police believe around 600 Britons have made the journey, with around half believed to have returned to the UK. Others have been detained by the UK authorities attempting to leave the country.

Former Royal Marine Konstandinos Erik Scurfield, from Barnsley, became the first Briton killed fighting IS when he was shot dead last month.