Bournemouth: Object Dropped Through Driver's Windscreen

14 July 2016, 16:21 | Updated: 14 July 2016, 16:26

Police are investigating after an item was thrown from a bridge in Bournemouth and smashed the windscreen of a passing car.

At around 3.25am on Thursday 7th July 2016 Dorset Police received reports of items being thrown from a footbridge over Ringwood Road in the Bearwood area of town.

In one incident a van had its windscreen smashed by an unknown item. Police say the driver wasn't injured but was left shaken.

Deputy Neighbourhood Inspector Jon Wasey, of North Bournemouth police, said: 

"This was obviously a very concerning and dangerous incident and it is fortunate the driver was not badly injured or worse.

"It should go without saying that there are serious dangers from throwing objects at moving traffic and such incidents could lead to devastating consequences.

"I would appeal to anyone who witnessed the incident to please contact Dorset Police.

"I also directly appeal to the culprits to stop acting so irresponsibly. Anyone found carrying out such acts will be dealt with robustly."