Bournemouth Offers Value For Money

Bournemouth is one of the more reasonably-priced resorts, according to a new holiday survey on the best value for money.

Families will find their holiday money goes 11.5% further in Europe this summer, it was revealed today.

Of 12 popular holiday destinations surveyed, Bulgaria offers the best value for money while Crete will set holidaymakers back the most, according to Post Office Travel Money.

But four in five parents surveyed said their children pestered them for holiday extras, with ice creams being the biggest drain on the family purse on breaks away.

Including such items as suncream, ice cream, soft drinks and family meals out the best place to go was Bulgaria where the items cost £110.17.

Spain's Costa del Sol was the next least-expensive destination at £121.11.

In contrast, Crete's costs were as high as £189.15, while Ayia Napa in Cyprus was £170.89.

Bournemouth was one of the more reasonably-priced resorts in the survey, with the items costing £147.23.

While a Coca-Cola in the Portuguese Algarve was just 86p it was as much as £2.16 in France, while a chocolate-covered ice cream that was only £1.29 in Portugal was £2.76 in France.

A three-course family meal including drinks was £42.99 in Portugal but as much as £73.28 in Crete.

Post Office Travel Money head Andrew Brown said: "Our beach barometer shows just how much beach extras can add to the family holiday budget.

"Giving in to kids' demands is understandable but it can wipe out the extra spending money that holidaymakers will have in their pockets this year, thanks to sterling's gains against the euro and other European currencies."