Bournemouth's Westover Road Improvements

Residents and businesses are invited to see initial proposals to improve Westover Road.

Draft proposals to enhance Westover Road and improve its appearance are now available for people to view.

Earlier this year the Council consulted with local businesses and organisations on how Westover Road is currently used and their aspirations for change. As a result a design has been produced which widens pavements, helps improve the link with the Lower Gardens and reconfigures parking, buses and taxis.

Roger Ball, Service Director for Technical Services, said;

"Making improvements in Westover Road is an important part of the Town Centre Vision and will help revive Westover Road as a key destination within the town centre. This consultation event is part of the first stage of the development process and gives local people and businesses the opportunity to meet the design team and give their views on the draft proposals. This will inform a final design that will then be taken forward for implementation on the ground."

You can see the drawings on the Council's website at: