Camera Car To Patrol Poole Schools

A camera safety car is being introduced in an attempt to stop people in Poole parking on zig-zag markings outside schools.

The car will be visiting all schools in Poole over the next few weeks to increase awareness of road safety at schools especially during peak school run times.

Cllr Xena Dion, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Transportation, Borough of Poole, said:

 "We have seen this scheme work really well in other areas and know that it's a cost effective method of preventing serious accidents. We hope it will be equally successful in Poole protecting children from injury caused by thoughtless drivers.

"In the short term drivers who are photographed by the camera safety car as causing a parking offence will be issued with a warning notice. However, in the coming weeks any drivers causing such offences will be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice of up to £70."

The camera safety car will randomly patrol local schools. It will automatically photograph cars parked on zig-zag markings outside schools and a Penalty Charge Notice will be sent to the car's owner.

Stuart Fox, Headteacher, Branksome Heath Middle School said:

"We are aware of an increase in the number of near misses at our school and we are fully supportive of any scheme aimed at improving the safety of our pupils during peak school run times."

The camera safety car is an efficient way of solving the problem of dangerous parking as the car can patrol schools without the need for an Enforcement Officer to be present.