Canford Bottom Work Finally Complete!

A scheme to improve one of Dorset's busiest junctions on the A31 ahead of the Olympics is now complete.

From Tuesday 26 June, the new Canford Bottom junction opens - tackling congestion and improving safety for local road users and those travelling to Olympic sailing events in Weymouth.

Roads Minister Mike Penning welcomed the news:

"The A31 is a vitally important route in Dorset and part of the Olympic Route Network. Completion of the work at Canford Bottom will help those travelling to Weymouth for the Games. It will also significantly improve journey times through one of the A31’s busiest junctions for years to come."

Robert Mackenzie, Highways Agency project manager, said:

"From 26 June the new traffic signals at the junction will be operational, and they will be fine tuned over the following few days to ensure traffic is flowing as well as possible.

"We have been seeking a solution to the congestion and safety issues at this junction for many years and during that time the A31 has become part of the Olympic Route Network. Although the scheme is entirely justified by the benefits that will be gained over the next decade or so, it will also hugely benefit the operation of the Olympic Route Network to Weymouth.

"On behalf of the project team, I thank road users and people in the local community for their patience during the work, and for their understanding during the inconvenience caused by this important junction improvement work."

The scheme's taken months to complete
Main construction work on the junction improvement began in autumn 2011.

The A31 has been extended across the old Canford Bottom roundabout to create a hamburger junction, and the whole interchange has been signalised to maximise capacity and optimise traffic flow at the junction. 

A toucan crossing has been created linking roads either side of the A31, allowing pedestrians and cyclists to cross safely.

The improvements cost £5.7Million
Lighting columns have been upgraded, drainage and landscaping improved, new signs and road markings installed, and CCTV to monitor traffic flows and keep traffic flowing as smoothly as possible.

Watch a video of how it all works by clicking here.