Cat Poisoned By Antifreeze Dies

A seven-year-old cat has died after being poisoned with anti-freeze in the same road where another cat suffered the same fate just a few months ago.

Mayzie, a short-haired female tortoiseshell, was missing on Sunday morning when her owner, Trudy Cooke, went to work in Poole.

Ms Cooke asked her daughter to check on the cat, and she later spotted Mayzie walking into the drive of her mother's home.

She immediately knew that something was wrong because the cat was ''very wobbly'' before she collapsed on the drive.

Mayzie was taken to an emergency vet where she stayed until the next morning but when Ms Cooke tried to transfer the cat to her own vet Mayzie died on the way.

The emergency vet confirmed that Mayzie's symptoms were consistent with anti-freeze poisoning.

Ms Cooke said: ''I'm very worried that someone else's much-loved pet will suffer in the same way and it doesn't bear thinking about.

''They simply don't stand a chance if they come across anti-freeze. I have been told that you have less than two hours to get them to a vet.''

The RSPCA said this is the second confirmed poisoning on Allens Road in Poole, but that residents believe other incidents have also occurred.

RSPCA inspector Graham Hammond said: ''There were reports of several cats being killed by ingesting anti-freeze in the same road in April.

''It is a worrying development that we have another case in the same area.

''It may well be that the cats are drinking it accidentally, such as from a fountain or water feature dosed with antifreeze to prevent the water from freezing, but members of the public should take care in storing and using anti-freeze.

''I would also urge neighbours and communities to join together and keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

''If anyone is aware of any deliberate cruelty to animals they can report it to our cruelty line on 0300 123 4999.

''If anyone has any information about this specific incident they should call our inspector appeal line on 0300 123 8018.''

People caught deliberately poisoning an animal using anti-freeze could be given a £20,000 fine and/or six months in prison under the Animal Welfare Act.