Corfe Castle Man Returns To Hungary

27 February 2010, 09:29 | Updated: 7 April 2010, 10:43

A man from Corfe Castle who was held in prison in Hungary for nearly four months will return there today, to face further questioning.

Michael Turner, 27, from Corfe Castle and Jason McGoldrick, 37, from Plymouth, were held without charge for four months by the Hungarian authorities over claims they owed creditors £18,000. In March they were released from prison in Budapest and turned out into the streets.

The men were released on the condition that they return to face police and undergo questioning, which they will do tonight. Mr Turner's family campaigned for both men's release and set up a website called Free Mike and Jason.

The men's business - a timeshare company - collapsed in 2005. Hungarian prosecutors used European arrest warrants to detain the men alleging the company's creditors were the victims of fraud. But Mr Turner and his family have always protested his innocence.

Mark Turner, Michael's father, said at the time of their release: "These guys have never been charged with any crime, and been in prison. They're guys of great integrity who have never done anything wrong with their lives. They've not rushed on a plane and said let's get out of here, they want the opportunity to clear their names and deal with the Hungarian authorities."

Today, Michael Turner spoke of his hopes about going back to the country: "I've been reassured that they don't have any reason to hold me. They just want to ask a few questions, and we're hoping we can finish the paperwork and wrap up the case."