County Faces Bill For Beaminster Tunnel Repairs

The government has refused to help Dorset County Council fund the repairs to Beaminster Tunnel.

It collapsed back in August, killing two people driving through it at the time. 67 year old Rosemary Snell and retired surgeon, 72 year old Mike Rolfe, lay undiscovered for 10 days.

The council has been carrying out investigation work to find out how best to repair it. But when they asked the government to help with some extra funding they were refused.

Angus Campbell, leader of Dorset County Council, said: 

"We're disappointed that we haven't been successful in getting funding from the Department for Transport so far. We feel that this is an exceptional circumstance and, wherever possible, we will continue to pursue funding for the work. 

"Despite this disappointing response, our cabinet will consider the project further on 7 November and will be asked to support funding for the project."

The council now needs to find around £2.3 million to make the tunnel safe again.