Cyber-Crime Prevention Officer Starts At Dorset Police

3 August 2016, 06:54 | Updated: 3 August 2016, 12:48

Dorset Police Cyber-Crime Prevention Officer Jake

Dorset Police are stepping up their fight against cybercrime - with the appointment of a new dedicated Prevention Officer.

Jake Moore has started in the role this week - which will see him speak to schools, businesses and community hubs.

Head of Crime and Criminal Justice, Detective Chief Superintendent Mark Callaghan said: 

"The Cyber-Crime Prevention Officer role has been set up to enhance the education that the Force already provides to members of the public and local businesses around cyber-crime prevention.

"Cyber-crime is a fast growing area of crime. More and more criminals are exploiting the speed, convenience and facelessness of the internet to commit a diverse range of criminal activities. Therefore it is important we continue to equip members of the public and local businesses with the information and guidance they need to limit their chances of becoming victims.

"I am delighted that Jake has begun working within this new role as he has a wealth of experience in cyber-crime related issues. He worked as a Digital Forensics Examiner for the Force for six years before becoming Head of Digital Forensics, making him the ideal person to teach members of the public how to ensure they are not making themselves vulnerable online and explain the tricks that cyber-criminals use."

A Dorset Police employee for twelve years, Jake Moore began his new role as a Cyber-Crime Prevention Officer on 1 August 2016. Jake said: 

"The internet is now an integral part of modern life for most of us. There are so many opportunities offered by the internet and I certainly don't know what I'd do without the ease of online shopping and banking.

"I have been collecting and analysing electronic evidence for the detection and prevention of crime for over a decade. Throughout my career I have often felt exasperation that so many of the crimes I have come across could have been prevented by following some simple steps. Therefore I am pleased that this new role gives me the opportunity to educate children, adults and businesses as to how they can stay safe online."

As a Cyber-Crime Prevention Officer, Jake will be conducting educational inputs across Dorset in local businesses, schools and other community locations and events. As well as providing prevention advice and online safety guidance, he will also be able to answer any queries and concerns that members of the public may have about their online safety.

Jake continued: 

"While you shouldn't be afraid to make the most of the cyber world, your online safety shouldn't be taken for granted or assumed either. Few people really understand the risks that can affect you online, but equally, few people are aware of how easy it is to manage these risks to prevent themselves from becoming victims of cyber-crime.

"Computers and smart phones shouldn't be scary if you are equipped with the knowledge of how to protect yourself online and I am looking forward to sharing this information with Dorset communities as I work within this new role."

Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner, Martyn Underhill, said: 

"Cyber-crime has the potential to affect every household and business in Dorset. I pledged that within my first 100 days in office I would ensure that the Force continues to educate residents and businesses on how to stay safe online.

"As well as working alongside UK online safety advisor, Get Safe Online, the introduction of this role is further enhancing the education and guidance that the Force provides to its residents and businesses.

"It is essential that we prioritise tackling this threat which exists not on our streets but in cyberspace. Jake's role is timely, only this week, two different community organisations have asked my office for cyber-crime prevention advice, so I suspect he will be very busy."

Any business, school or local community that would like cyber-crime prevention input can contact Jake by emailing

For information and advice about staying safe online visit