Don't Park At Taxi Ranks Or Bus Stops!

Poole's new camera safety car is helping bus and taxi companies by tackling inconsiderate parking at bus stops and taxi ranks.

Since its launch in September, Borough of Poole's camera safety car has been on patrol to prevent people parking on zig-zag zones outside schools. To begin with only warnings were given out but from the 1st November, the council started handing out £70 fines.

and now, from Monday 19 December, drivers who park in bus stops and taxi ranks will also risk getting a Penalty Charge Notice.

The initiative follows requests from local bus companies and taxi firms who say their passengers are inconvenienced by motorists parking at bus stops and taxi ranks.  

The safety camera car will be driving around Poole

Councillor Xena Dion, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Transportation, said:

 "Bus companies and taxi drivers provide valuable services to many people in Poole, especially older people, parents with young children and people with a disability. Therefore, it's important they have convenient and safe access to their bus or taxi.

"Bus companies and the local taxi operators have told us bus stops and taxi ranks in the town are frequently occupied by other vehicles. Unfortunately, when this occurs passengers are inconvenienced and services can be delayed."

Julian McLaughlin, Head of Transportation Services, Borough of Poole, said: 

"Many motorists may not realise they should not park at bus stops and taxi ranks, or that they risk getting a Penalty Charge Notice for doing so. Keeping bus stops and taxi ranks free of parked cars and other vehicles will help ensure buses and taxis can drop off and pick up their customers quickly, conveniently and safely."