Dorchester Man Jailed For Abducting Girl

A Dorset man's been sentenced to 40 months in prison for abducting a child and engaging in sexual activity with her.

30-year-old Andrew Dolman from Dorchester pleaded guilty to the charges at Dorchester Crown Court.

Following the sentence, Julia Woodward, Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS Wessex said:

“Andrew Dolman is a convicted sex offender who took advantage of a girl for his own sexual gratification.

“Dolman, 30, met the 14-year-old girl in a shop this summer in Weymouth and befriended her. He saw her on several occasions.

"This caused concerns with the girl’s mother who alerted the police.

"As a result, Dolman was issued with a “Child Abduction Warning Notice” on 29 July 2012 as a warning to immediately cut ties with her. This was issued and read out to him by a police officer.

“He decided to ignore this notice and continued to meet with the young girl at his home, supplying her with cannabis and alcohol and then engaging in sexual activity. On the 5 August 2012, the girl was reported as missing.

"The police attended Dolman’s address the following day and found the girl there.

“Dolman already has two previous convictions for sexual offences. He was convicted in 2000 of a sexual assault on a girl and was convicted in 2007 of two counts of sexual activity with a child under 16.

"Therefore, he was well aware that he was committing a serious criminal offence by engaging in sexual activity with a young girl.

“He pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity, thereby sparing the young victim from having to give evidence at a trial.

“We hope that after today’s sentencing the victim and her family can put this behind them and continue to move on with their lives.”