Dorset Still On Alert For Flooding

Dorset continues to be affected by flooding after a weekend of heavy rain and continued showers this week.

Parts of the country, including Dorset, are expected to be lashed by spells of further rainfall in the coming days as the ground remains heavily saturated and river levels teeter close to bursting point following a prolonged spell of wet weather.

Experts also predict the unsettled weather will last until at least Thursday with the threat of heavier, more prolonged rain that day.

For up to date information on road closures and areas affected by flooding in Dorset, go to - the website brings you the most up to date information as roads are closed, and re-opened when the flood water clears.

Meanwhile the Met Office has issued yellow warnings for south west England, north west England and east Scotland.

Met Office weather expert Michael Lawrence said:

''Although the amounts are not that exceptional, river catchments are already very full and the ground is quite saturated so there could be problems.''

The national forecaster added:

 ''Heavy rain is expected to break out early today and become more widespread through the morning before clearing away eastwards. However, some heavy showers or thunderstorms are expected to develop in places again during the afternoon.

''The public should be aware that large amounts of rainfall may bring a risk of surface water flooding, as well as general difficult driving conditions.''

EA officials have urged communities up and down the UK to remain alert over the threat of flooding.

The agency says parts of northern England and Dorset were facing a significant risk of surface water and river flooding, with the Midlands and East Anglia also at risk.

In Dorset, particularly in the Christchurch and Bournemouth area, river levels continued to rise yesterday as a result of the weekend's rain.

Residents at Iford mobile home park in Bournemouth spent the night in alternative accommodation after they were asked to evacuate their homes because of the high risk of flooding yesterday.

Last weekend emergency crews in Dorset had more than 200 call out's on the Saturday alone relating to flooding. 

In one case the Portland Coastguard helicopter rescued a couple trapped on the roof of their car after it became stuck in flood water in Bridport when a river burst its banks.

Flooding in Bridport

On Saturday 7th July, Maddy Davey, Watch Manager, Portland Coastguard, said: 

"We have responded to a significantly high number of incidents today; yachts in danger of breaking their moorings; crew have become seasick and most alarmingly a kayaker was separated from his kayak and then swept through the sluice gate into the harbour, he was extremely lucky to have survived the ordeal unharmed.  

With the Met Office giving clear advice on the current weather conditions we urge the public to check the weather in their area and if at risk not to make any unnecessary journeys."

On Monday 9th July in Wimborne, police and fire crews were called to Julian's Bridge after reports of serious flooding there.

Julian's Bridge, Wimborne

A deer had also become trapped in the rising flood water from the River Stour and one lane of the B3078 was closed while attempts were made to rescue it, but it had to be abandoned. The RSPCA were called to provide further help. 

MW Motorists driving across the north of the county around Dorchester, Weymouth and Bridport are being warned of risks from surface water and flooding on roads.

The A35 in Dorset was closed in both directions this morning (10th July) between Monkeys Jump Roundabout in Dorchester and the Longland's Lane junction in Winterbourne Abbas, because of flooding.

Dorset Chief Superintendent David Griffith said:

“We advise motorists to exercise caution while driving and to show concern for other road users and nearby properties.
“Consideration should be given to the depth of the water. Do not take risks driving through flood waters.
“This is not just important for motorists’ own vehicles but also in view of other people’s property as the spray caused by driving through deep water can lead to waves, flooding adjacent properties and vehicles.
“The multi-agency resilience forum will continue to monitor the situation.

And the wash-out summer is set to continue in the coming weeks, with forecasters predicting the weather is still likely to be unsettled when the Olympics start - although conditions are not expected to be as bad as they have been.

Road closures at Longham due to flooding

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