Dorset Men Die In Flight Crash

22 April 2010, 16:19 | Updated: 22 April 2010, 16:38

Two men from Dorset have died when their light aircraft crashed into a field in Hampshire at the weekend.

The small plane came down at Monxton near Andover on Saturday evening. It was on the return journey after having taken off from Bournemouth earlier that day.

Hampshire police have today released the names of the men they were pilot Shorland Hosking who was 55 and from Dorset and Richard Wheeler who was 50 and from Dorset.

Tributes have been paid by Shorland Hosking's family they say flying was Shorland's passion and they have been left devasted by the crash

Hampshire Police have released this photo of Shorland Hoskings

Shorland Hosking


An investigation into what caused it is now being looked at - Earlier in the week Investigators said they were trying to work out if the volcanic ash was a factor in the incident, but the police say it's "highly unlikely".