Dorset PCs Win Regional Bravery Award

Two female PC's from Dorset are celebrating after winning the regional award for police bravery.

PCs Katie Harvey and Kelli Walker, both from Winton Police Station, were nominated for their handling of an incident which happened in Bournemouth back in 2009.

The pair were responding to an incomplete 999 call from an address at Castle Lane West, in which the caller had remained silent. 

On arrival, the front door was closed.  Receiving no reply from inside and not knowing what they might find, they entered.

They heard grunting noises coming from the kitchen and saw a man crouched on the floor.  He appeared to be naked, was tied up with cable, and had a bloody face and a cloth hanging from his mouth. 

There was a man straddled over him pointing a gun at him and there was another man in the kitchen.

PC Harvey shouted at the man to drop the gun, at the same time grabbing his wrist.  He did not drop the gun so unaware whether the gun was loaded or not, she grappled with him, pulled the gun from his grasp and placed it on the floor. 

She ordered both males not to move and grabbed hold of them.  One of the men tried to escape via the patio door and PC
Walker drew her CS spray as a deterrent.

Whilst this was happening, other officers arrived in time to see a male attempting to climb out of the lounge window at the front of the property but he climbed back in when he saw the officers. 

When he was arrested a second handgun was found in the lounge.  The men were also in possession of fluorescent jackets and forged police identity cards.

All three were arrested and later charged with several serious offences.  One man was later sentenced to 10 years and the other two were sentenced to 8 years.

The Dorset Police Federation says:

"Both officers demonstrated considerable bravery in tackling and detaining three armed men, without knowing whether or not they would use their weapons. 

"Their courageous actions brought an end to a terrifying ordeal for a family with a young child and lead to three violent
offenders being removed from our streets."

Chairman Clive Chamberlain said:

“This was a serious and particularly nasty crime, during which a young family was terrorised by an armed gang. Kelli & Katie
did an absolutely fantastic job, acting courageously and disarming the men.
"Both officers have said very modestly, that they were “only doing their duty” However, I believe that they went above and beyond that during this particular incident”.

“I am glad that their bravery has been recognised with a Chief Constable’s Commendation.”

The Police Bravery Awards is an annual event which honours Police Officers across England and Wales for their actions to tackle criminals and keep the public safe. 

The national award went to a police officer from the MET.

This year marks the 16th anniversary for the Police Bravery Awards.  The ceremony will take place tonight (7th July 2011) at the Savoy Hotel in London.