Dorset Police Dogs Train For Olympics

18 February 2010, 05:20 | Updated: 22 February 2010, 05:20

Police dogs from Dorset are being trained to detect bombs in preparation for the London Olympics.

The sailing events are being held in Weymouth and Portland- and it's estimated sniffer dogs will carry out over 800 searches during the games.

Dorset's police dogs and their handlers have been practising finding explosives in stadiums at Bristol City's Football ground.

A Dorset Police spokesperson said:

"The training is part of a series of regional exercises to ensure that all forces are operating at a comparable level with an opportunity to share best practise.

"Whilst this has not been tailored specifically for the Olympics it will enable the region to better respond to the demands placed upon them during 2012.

"Dorset Police has four specialist trained explosive search dogs. It is anticipated these will remain in Dorset during the operation supported by mutual aid from surrounding forces."