East Dorset Sees Big Rise In Metal Thefts

Dorset Police is asking the public to be extravigilant following an increase in metal thefts.

When comparing figures for January 2012 with December 2011, there has been a 122% increase (11 crimes) in scrap metal thefts in East Dorset.
The metal that is being stolen is predominantly lead and copper.  
Dorset Police is asking residents and business owners to be extra vigilant in an effort to reduce this trend. 
Taking simple precautions, for example locking scrap metal away in a secure facility out of sight, may help to decrease these thefts. 
Mr Mark Harper, Crime Prevention and Design Advisor, said:“With the price of scrap metal – particularly lead and copper– on the increase, it makes sense to invest in suitable security to protect your building and assets from thieves.
“There is no doubt we can reduce this type of offence, however we must be vigilant and take relevant security precautions. 
“It is unlikely that the price of metal will significantly reduce in the near future, so a reasonable investment in security now could save you thousands of pounds in the future.”