Explosive Device Found At Side Of Road

Bomb specialists were called in when an explosive device was found in a lay-by off the A352 near Wareham.

Dorset Police say they received a report that a large boulder with a drill hole and wires had been discovered heading to Hethfelton Woods on the evening of Tuesday October 4th 2011. 

A road closure was put in place between the Wool roundabout and the turning to Lulworth on the A352 at aorund 8.30pm.

A police spokesman said:

"An EOD team attended but due to insufficient light a possible detonation was postponed until the next day - Wednesday 5th October. The road closure was lifted at 10.18pm."

They added that on Wednesday morning "a 200m cordon was put in place and the EOD team destroyed the ordnance. The object wasn't suspicious and could have been left over from previous construction work and was accidentally uncovered."