Fire On Island In Poole Harbour

Firefighters have spent the day tackling a blaze on an island in Poole Harbour owned by a multi-millionaire.

Crews were scrambled to the privately-owned 45-acre Green Island in Poole Harbour, after 999 calls at 7.20am.

The blaze was in a three-storey timber property, which was under construction, Dorset Fire and Rescue Service said.

A team of 45 firefighters battled the blaze, having been taken to the island with help from Poole Harbour Commissioners.

A trained fire team from nearby Brownsea Island also helped out with water pumps and other equipment.

Green Island is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and is situated just across the water from Sandbanks, where Tottenham Hotspur football manager Harry Redknapp lives.

The island was bought by millionaire Edward Iliffe in 2005 for £2.5 million and two years ago he won planning permission to build a luxury six-bedroom log cabin on the island.

It was to be purpose-built in Canada from cedar logs and shipped over.

Mr Iliffe, from Berkshire, bought the island as an idyllic retreat for his family.

His plans included knocking down a dilapidated bungalow on the island but he said he planned to keep a Scandinavian-style A-framed timber chalet.

Firecrews have told us the building was completely destroyed by the fire. They say the only people on the island when it broke out were builders, but no-one was hurt. They're investigating how it started and say they'll remain at the scene for some time, damping down.

Green Island fire, Poole Harbour

burnt house on Green Island

Green Island fire, Poole Harbour