Fire Safety Checks in Dorset

Last year Dorset Fire and Rescue Service attended 562 fires in the home. Over half of these were caused by cooking.

Cooking can be extremely dangerous, especially if it is left unattended. As we move into the autumn and winter, DFRS are trying to educate the people of Dorset about the possible fire dangers in their home and encourage them to sign up for a FREE home safety check.

A FREE home safety check means firefighters visiting YOUR home and fitting or replacing smoke alarms, giving you advice on the use of candles, unattended cooking, electric blankets, overloading sockets, chimneys, low energy light bulbs and much more. This is all free of charge with the aim of encouraging you to think about fire safety in the home.

Head of Prevention, Linzi Holt said: "Our 'Invite me round' campaign is aimed at encouraging our high risk communities to sign up for a FREE home safety check and making themselves safer in their homes."

She added: "Dorset Fire and Rescue Service desperately want the people of Dorset to be safer in their homes. If we are invited round we can provide free smoke detection, talk to you about specific dangers in your home and how you would escape if a fire occurred."

Sign up for a free home safety check at or call us on 01305 252600.