Flytippers At Castlepoint

14 June 2010, 07:20 | Updated: 14 June 2010, 12:33

Castlepoint in Bournemouth say sofas, oil drums and fridges are just some of the items being illegally dumped at their recycling centre.

The shopping centre say they are now filming vehicles and anyone caught flytipping will be reported to the police.

Improved signage confirming what can be left at the recycling centre with high profile warning notices about the penalties for flytippers are also being installed.

PC Steve Shires, from the Strouden Park Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: "Fly-tipping is an offence that impacts on the overall perception of an area and, ultimately, this affects people’s feeling of safety."

Bill Riddle, Operations Manager of Castlepoint said "We are very proud of our Centre and the work we do in recycling waste materials from the stores. The council operated recycling centre is a useful facility for the public which is now being increasingly abused. We have agreed with Bournemouth Council and Dorset Police that we will pass to the Police, the vehicle details of each offending fly tippers with a view to prosecution."

Larry Austin, Street Services Manager, Bournemouth Council, said: "This is a persistent nuisance occurring on almost a daily basis. The Council goes in twice a week to remove items that have been dumped and help clear up the site but the problem is constant. Improved signage alerting people to the appropriate use of the neighbourhood recycling centre should help and warning notices about prosecuting flytippers will also ensure that people are under no illusion about what is acceptable use of the site."