Future Of Portland Helicopter To Be Debated

A debate will be held in Parliament today (19/12/12) to talk about the future of Portland's Coastguard helicopter.

It's after the Government announced plans to scrap the service in 2017, as part of streamlining changes to how the Coastguard works.

The debate was called by South Dorset MP, Richard Drax, who argues the decision will mean the loss of a vital rescue service.

More than 18 thousand people have also signed an online petition against it being scrapped. 

Mr Drax said:

''Since the closure of the Portland helicopter was proposed, I have sought to bring the subject to the floor of the House. Now, at last, MPs will have a chance to debate a decision which many consider foolish in the extreme.

The Transport Select Committee has already reported that they believe that closing the Portland search and rescue helicopter will cost lives.''