Headteacher Pays Tribute To Kyle Rees

The Executive Head of Portchester School in Bournemouth has paid a moving tribute to Kyle Rees, who died on Tuesday.

The 16-year-old was hurt in the playground on Monday February the 27th, and died in the neurological unit at Southampton Gneral Hospital the following day. It's reported he was hit on the head by a cricket ball. Some reports claimed there was a fight, but the school has criticised what it called 'innaccurate reporting'.

Executive Head, Debbie Godfrey-Phaure gave an emotional statement to reporters outside the school on Thursday March the 1st:

"Kyle was a lovely lovely boy.

"Tributes have been left by all those who knew him, and show just how much he was loved here.

"No words can reflect the huge gap he leaves and the extent to which he'll be missed.

"He'll be remembered by everyone here for many many things –not least his cheeky smile and his ability to make you laugh out loud.

"Books of condolences and memory boards have been set up for our students in both schools (Portchester Boys School and Avonbourne Girls School), and special assemblies have also been held.

"Kyle's parents visited the school yesterday (Wednesday 29th february) and spent some time with his friends and teachers.

"We hope to hold a memorial service for Kyle next week.

"We're utterly and completely devastated by this tragedy. But we'll do all we possibly can to ensure that Kyle's memory is revered and respected as he deserves."

An inquest into Kyle's death will open on Friday March the 2nd at 11am in Stafford Road, Bournemouth.