Hedgehog Released Back Into Wild

An overactive hedgehog has baffled his carers after refusing to hibernate.

Pody was discovered snuffling around the back gardens of Bournemouth late last year at a time when he should have been sheltering from the winter in a nest of dry grass.

The hedgehog was whisked off to the vets by an alarmed resident who then passed the beast to Bournemouth and Poole College which boasts a large animal care department.

Pody saw out the worst of the weather in the dry and warm surroundings of the college and will be released later this week back into the wild.

Hedgehogs do not always hibernate if conditions are mild but last winter saw freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall.

Paul Jacob-Moss Animal Care technician at the College said:

''It is getting more common for urban hedgehogs not to hibernate, people put food out for them.

''It can be quite dangerous though, there is no guarantee that food will be constantly available and the cold weather can be a killer.''