IMAX Demolition Underway!!!

Work to demolish the IMAX building in Bournemouth gets underway from Monday 5th November.

Ever since it opened in 2002 (nearly three years late), residents have complained about how it blocks the view of the sea and have described it as an 'eyesore'.

The cinema was then closed in 2005 and only a handful of restaurants remained open inside the building.

Bournemouth West MP Conor Burns can't wait to see the back of it:

"Our greatest attraction is the incredable view over the bay and the beautiful beaches and that monstrosity blocks that from the Gardens and from many of the hotels."

He added:

"It doesn't add much to the town's leisure economy which is why it's never really worked. I'd like to see something that is lower to allow the views to come back in but also something that is able to be used all year round."

Well the council has now decided to transform it into a new public area hosting music concerts, markets and open-air performances. This is due to open in June.

Over the next two months work will be carried out to strip the inside of the building and from January 2013 demolotion work on the oustide will get underway. 

Council leader John Beesley said:

"There are a huge amount of reclaimables with value inside which we want to get first. The public won't notice much until January where parts of the building will start coming down."

He added that it will be a "memorable moment" for local people to see it demolished.

It is being reported that the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and Pavilion Dance have both already expressed an interest in staging performances at the new site.