Man Falls Into Sea From Railway Line

Poole inshore lifeboat launched on Monday October 3rd to search for a man who had reportedly fallen from the railway line somewhere near to Rockley at the western end of Poole Harbour.

The Inshore lifeboat began to search Rockley and Lytchet bay area and then they moved on towards Holton Lee via the Bar Looe Channel.

A volunteer crewman spotted something but on closer inspection it was a false alarm, the search ensued into the shallow waters, the lifeboat crew were working alongside the mobile coastguards units who were scouring the shoreline.

Then the coastguards found the casualty lying on his back at the edge of the shoreline.

The inshore lifeboat came alongside, two of the volunteer crew jumped ashore to assess the situation. The man in his 30's was awake but distressed and cold. He began to deteriorate, becoming semi-conscious.

The crew radioed ashore to request an ambulance to meet them at the Lifeboat station as they evacuated the man from the shoreline to Poole Quay. He was transferred to the awaiting ambulance at the station and taken to Poole hospital for immediate treatment.