Meet Juno!

Dorset Police has welcomed a new puppy to the Dog Section – with German Shepherd Juno joining the team.

Two-month-old Juno will work as a general purpose dog and will be trained in tracking, public order policing and other criminal work such as detaining suspects.   

Juno was one of a litter of seven dogs, bred by the Metropolitan Police specifically for police work.

Born on Armistice Day – 11 November 2010 – the litter was given the name ‘Remembrance’. In keeping with this, puppy Juno was named after one of the D-Day Normandy beach landing sites.

He is currently living with Police Inspector Alan Ewart and his family and will be appointed to a dog section handler in the coming months.

Juno is Dorset Police's newest recruit

Inspector Ewart said: “The initial months of a young dog’s life are of critical importance in its development.

“Early socialisation and introducing the dog to a wide range of people, animals and experiences is essential to ensure a sociable, well adjusted and balanced dog which is suitable for police work.

“As many dog owners will know, the early days of having a new puppy are very hard work but this is repaid in abundance by the amount of fun a puppy brings into the home.”

Juno’s training will start almost immediately and as soon as his immunisations are complete he will start to learn the skills required of a police dog.

Inspector Ewart continued: “Juno’s initial training will be carried out in a very relaxed and gentle way as it’s important to ensure that no pressure is put on a developing puppy and that he is allowed to develop at his own pace.

“If his initial training goes well, we hope Juno will undergo his formal training course, along with his handler, towards the end of 2011.”