Mouldy Pies Found On Sale In Shop

A Bournemouth mini-market trader, Michael Guldede has pleaded guilty to six offences of selling food not fit for human consumption and 10 offences for selling food past its use-by date.

Bournemouth Magistrates heard that on 6 August 2010, trading standards officers visited Redhill News in Redhill Drive and found seven food items, mostly packaged pies, with mould on the pastry.

As part of the investigation the officers returned to Redhill News and Hill View Stores, Hill View Road also owned by Mr Guldede on five further occasions between August and December and found a total of thirteen out of date items plus a carton of rancid milk.

Mr Guldede was the Managing Director of the company Guldede Supermarkets Ltd running the businesses and in December 2010 became the sole proprietor.

The company was fined £400, Mr Guldede was fined £500 and costs of £400 plus £25 victim surcharge were also imposed.

David Morton, Senior Trading Standards Officer, said:

“These are very serious offences which have put the health of the public in jeopardy and could have been prevented by very simple checks by the trader.

"We hope that our prompt action has prevented anybody becoming ill.

"Date codes on food products exist to protect the public and prevent the consumption of deteriorating and sub-standard food.”

Councillor Peter Charon, Council Leader, said:

“Our officers will always try to work with traders and help them understand how the law applies to their business, but we cannot and will not condone such disregard of obligations which have obviously occurred in this case.

"Officers will continue to monitor the two shops to ensure that they are trading legally.”