'Naked' Cyclist Appears In Court

A man's appeared before magistrates - accused of riding naked along Bournemouth seafront.

54 year old Richard Collins from Cambridge was in Bournemouth staying with a friend lin June 2010 when he made a bike trip from Charminster to Sandbanks.

Appearing at Bournemouth Magistrates court on Tuesday May 3rd, the dad of two reportedly said:

“The bike ride was a celebration of life.

“I’ve always been one to want to push the boundaries; I don’t want to be stuck behind high hedges and fences.

“I want freedom to enjoy life. For me nudity is just another form of dress; I’m more happy not to wear clothes.”

He added: “Nudity seems to be absolutely fine in Cambridge. I’ve been naked in pubs and pub gardens without any problem. There’s nearly always a positive reaction from the public. The majority of responses are amusement and delight. I didn’t anticipate any adverse response.

“It was a beach day. My intention was to go to the naturist beach and spend the day there. Instead I spent 12 hours in a police cell.”

He denies causing harrassment, alarm or distress - the trial continues.