New Home For Ginger The Abandoned Dog

24 January 2011, 09:10 | Updated: 9 February 2011, 16:52

A new home has been found for Ginger the dog, who was abandoned in Weymouth back in September last year.

Ginger made international news headlines after CCTV footage at an industrial estate showed her being led out of a car before it sped away, leaving her behind. The footage showed her limping after the vehicle and pining for her owners to return.

Kind office workers took Ginger to the vets, where it was discovered that her claws had grown into her paws after being neglected. She was picked up by Weymouth & Portland Borough Council's Dog Warden and taken to Woodland Kennels in Bridport, Dorset, where she has been living since September.  It was originally thought that Ginger was a Shetland Terrier Cross, but Kennels owner Mary Bull now believes her to be a German Spitz Mittel cross

Over 100 offers of new homes flooded in to the Kennels and the Borough Council, and a rigorous selection process has taken place to find the best home possible for Ginger.

Mary Bull, owner of Woodland Kennels, Bridport, said: "Ginger will be missed here at Woodland Kennels, but I am glad that she is going to a loving new home.

"Unfortunately there are many other dogs out there with a similar story, who are unable to tell it themselves. If you are reading this and thinking that you would like a loving pet like Ginger, then please consider taking a stray from one of the many charities out there - adopting an unwanted dog can be incredibly rewarding."

Cllr Ian James, Brief Holder for Community Safety, said: "I am so glad that Ginger has been found a loving new home. Her story highlights the case of many other abandoned dogs, and this is a growing problem nationally. I would like to encourage people out there who have been touched by Ginger's story and are thinking about getting a dog, to adopt a stray from one of the many rescue charities who are currently overwhelmed by abandoned pets.

"I would like to offer my sincere thanks to the Council's dog wardens Ian Lewis and Chris Robertson, and also Mary Bull who has looked after Ginger at her kennels and helped to find her a 'forever home'. I am delighted that Ginger will now receive the love and affection that her previous owners were unable to give her".