New Options For Bournemouth's IMAX

17 February 2011, 09:55 | Updated: 2 March 2011, 13:08

Four options have been revealed for transforming the hated IMAX building on Bournemouth seafront...

The council's already agreed to reduce the height of the Waterfront complex, which blocks views of the sea. The ideas on the shortlist are tropical gardens, a water park, a museum or a performing arts space.

The new attraction will be built by summer 2012.

A detailed marketing brief will be issued to developers across the country - and further afield – asking them to come forward with their proposals.

Councillor Peter Charon, Leader of the Council,  said: “We want to find an operator who can deliver a high-quality, popular family attraction that the town can be proud of.  We are offering the chance to bid for leases of up to ten years, but possibly more if the right offer is made, on individual or multiple units within the building.  

 “How we select these offers will be based on a number of  factors, but most importantly on the quality and viability of the all weather leisure and/or cultural offer and on how well a proposed use reflects the outcomes of the public consultation.”

 The public consultation in March 2010 showed that the four preferred options for the site are: 

  • Tropical gardens
  • A water park
  • Interactive arts museum
  • Entertainment /  Performing arts space / amphitheatre

Leisure operators and developers have until the end of May to express their interest in the Waterfront site, when all options will be evaluated. A shortlist will be drawn up and it is hoped that a preferred bidder(s) will be selected in August 2011.