Police Jump Into Pool To Make Arrest!

A man's been arrested in a swimming pool in Bournemouth.

Police actually jumped into the pool to haul the man out of the water at the Littledown Centre on Tuesday evening  - they'd had reports of a man shouting and swearing  - but the suspect was later released.

Chief Inspector Chris Weeks, of Bournemouth Police, said:

"At 6.30pm on Tuesday 2 October 2012 police were called to attend the Littledown Leisure Centre, Bournemouth following a report of a disturbance in the swimming pool area.

"Officers entered the swimming pool to remove a man in his 50's from the location.

"Following enquires it was established that no offences had been committed, and the man was taken home."

In a statement, Dorset police said:

"Dorset Police responded to a report of an aggressive male shouting and swearing in a public place.

"There were concerns for the safety of members of the public as this incident was taking place in a public swimming pool.

"The officers in attendance were faced with a potentially high risk environment to work in where positive action was essential to prevent a breach of the peace.

"The officers took swift action to ensure the incident was dealt with dynamically and proportionately by removing the man from the pool.

"Following enquires no further action was taken as it was not deemed in the public interest.

"When the officers tried to remove the man from the pool, he was very aggressive and had to be handcuffed to the front while being fully supported.

"On removing the man from the pool he tried to kick out with his legs requiring the officers to apply limb restraints.

"The officers acted appropriately at all times using Home Office approved methods and equipment."