Poole's Twin Sails Bridge Too Noisy!

Engineers are to lower the volume levels of safety sirens on Poole's Twin Sails Bridge in response to feedback from local residents.

Residents living near the Twin Sails Bridge junction on West Quay Road and the old town have asked if the volume of the warning sirens can be adjusted to reduce disturbance early in the morning and later in the evening.

The sirens, which operate when the bridge's barriers are being raised or lowered, are an important safety feature for road users in particular pedestrians.

Residents say it's too noisy

Panels in four 7-metre high curved stainless steel totems will be temporarily removed over the next few days to allow engineers to access the equipment and reduce the volume of the sirens. The Twin Sails Bridge will be open to traffic throughout this work and any disruption will be kept to a minimum.

Jim Bright, Strategic Director, Borough of Poole said:

 "Some issues will only come to light when the Twin Sails Bridge has been operational for a while. It's now evident that during quieter periods of the day volume levels of the warning sirens is causing some disturbance to local residents. We are confident that the adjustments being carried out will minimise the impact on local residents while maintaining the highest safety standards possible for all road users. We would like to thank local residents for their feedback and patience while we deal with this matter."