Prince Charles In Dorset!

Poundbury workers will be getting a special visit from Prince Charles.

His Royal Highness will be visiting the urban development that he helped to design on Friday May 27th.

He's going to a reception at Brownsword Hall to meet visitors who have been on a tour of the Poundbury development, before visiting the offices to Magna Careline at Poundbury to meet staff.

The Prince will find out more about the work the company does helping to provide telecare monitoring care for 12,000 people across the UK.

This allows people to retain an independent life in their own home.

Magna Careline Limited's General Manager Tracey Grant said that the staff were very excited about the Royal visit.

She said:

 "We are very excited and privileged and appreciative of the visit. We are really chuffed that his is coming to see us and understand more about the services we provide."

In November, Magna Careline staff received accreditation for the new Telecare Services Association code of practice, just two weeks after meeting the Prince at a reception in Brownsword Hall, Poundbury, where Magna Careline representatives were able to congratulate him on his son Prince William's engagement.

Mrs Grant said:

"He was very charming. We were able to tell him about how telecare enables people to stay independently in their own homes. He was also interested in the services we provide for lone workers, witness protection and business continuity services.

"The Prince's particular request was to meet the staff who provide the service. It will be very exciting to meet him.

"For him to come and meet us is a real coup for us and for our customers."

There has been controversy on the Duchy land recently as four caravans and a number of cars arrived on The Great Field overlooking homes in Peverell Avenue East last Monday.

The travellers were given until Sunday to leave by landowner The Duchy of Cornwall but although one caravan did leave over the weekend, the three others have still remained on the site.

A spokesman for the Duchy of Cornwall said that they had been working with the gypsy and traveller liaison officer from Dorset County Council.

He said: "The travellers have told us they intend to move by this morning.

"One of the vehicles could not be moved and so that had to be fixed and the plan is that they would move when it was.

"If they have not moved we will have to reconsider our position, but we wanted to give them a chance to fulfil what they said they would."

The field is due to be the venue for the Dorchester Football Club Community Fun Day on Sunday.