Sawdust Piles Near Dorset Homes 'From Running Groups'

3 February 2016, 10:09

Dorset Police say it's thought running groups rather than criminal gangs are behind small piles of sawdust or flour being left outside homes.

They've been found on pavements in Christchurch and Ferndown recently - leading to concerns houses were being marked by burglars or even dognappers.
PCSO Dan Byrne said: "There have been several recent reports to Dorset Police of small piles of flour or sawdust appearing on paths outside people’s properties in the Ferndown and Christchurch areas. This has been mentioned in the local media and on social media linking these markings to organised crime gangs marking properties for either Burglaries or Dognapping.
"While on patrol recently I spoke to members of a Ferndown-based running club as I noticed two of them in running gear depositing small piles of flour and sawdust at intermittent points. They explained that they were marking out the route for a running event taking place in the evening and they use these materials due to the fact that they stand out in the dark and when damp do not blow away easily.
"There is a possibility that other running clubs operate in a similar manner, whether its leaving piles, drawing circles or arrows etc.
"While there is no definitive information stating that all these types of marking belong to either running clubs or organised crime gangs,we feel it is worth passing this information on for awareness.
"We do however encourage people to remain vigilant and always report any suspicious incidents to Dorset Police on 101."