Sound Barriers Along M27

3 February 2010, 18:10 | Updated: 3 February 2010, 18:13

Villagers in the New Forest say they're relieved that 11 years after they were suggested, sound barriers are likely to be put up along part of the M27.

The Highways Agency says they're now confident they can get the money to put up the fences at the beginning of next year to stop traffic noise.

Carol Gerrett runs a guest house right next to the motorway in Cadnam.

She told Heart that the villagers also want sound muffling tarmac to be put down.

" If the sound barriers were put up and the tarmac was done, which is something that was promised to the villagers, then I think that would be something that could be massively helpful and make our lives so much better.

" On a summers day when it's at its peak, I have to say that we much prefer to be at the back of the house of indoors because the traffic is so loud."

The Highways Agency is going to make the final decision next month and will then ask whick barriers the people who live in the New Forest think would be best.

Traffic bosses say they hope to have the fences going up in 2011.