Surf Reef Gets Repaired

Repair work to the Boscombe Surf Reef is underway - fixing the damage caused by a boat propeller back in March 2011.

The company which built it -ASR-  are back in Boscombe the week starting August 15th to carry out the repairs and any remedial work on the reef.

damaged surf reef

Chris Jensen, Marketing Director for ASR said:

"We have always said that the Boscombe reef is an important project for us and as such have agreed to use our performance payment in the contract to ensure that repairs are made in a timely fashion and that the structure is sound, safe and useable."

Tony Williams, Executive Director for Bournemouth Council said:

"We are delighted to welcome ASR back to Boscombe. Because these repair works are so essential, funds previously allocated for improvement are being used, with our expectation that a successful insurance claim will allow further refinement works to be done in due course. We continue to press our insurers for the earliest possible decision on our claim, so that we can restart our discussions with ASR on refinement works to enhance performance."

He added:

 "The works are not expected to cause any disruption to beach users or the Air Festival next week."