Teenagers To Design Wind Park Logo

The developer of a proposed offshore wind park off the Dorset and Hampshire coasts and to the west of the Isle of Wight is asking teenagers for their help in designing a visual identity for the project known as Navitus Bay.

Eneco is encouraging talented young artists and designers from across Dorset, the New Forest and Isle of Wight to use their artistic skills to good effect by submitting a logo which they feel best represents the development.

Eneco has already informed notable colleges across Dorset, the New Forest and on the Isle of Wight about the competition, but anyone between the ages of 15 and 18 in the three regions is also eligible to take part.

If interested in entering, young people simply have to ask Eneco for an information pack, which provides details about the logo competition and the wider project, before going to work on the design. The winning design will then be selected as the logo for Navitus Bay throughout the lifetime of the project and be a great start to the portfolio of a budding designer.

Helen Cassini, Consents Manager for Navitus Bay says:

"It is important that the community is at the heart of Navitus Bay. For instance, the name 'Navitus Bay' was chosen by the public as their preferred option from a shortlist of suggestions last March. The logo competition will continue our aim of involving the local community throughout the development of the project. We encourage teenagers across the region to get involved and look forward to some exciting designs coming through in the next few weeks!"

Eneco plans to hold public exhibitions across Dorset, Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight between 21st February and 3rd March, which will provide the public with more information about the project, with a focus on the offshore aspects of Navitus Bay.

For more information about the logo competition and Navitus Bay please visit www.navitusbaywindpark.co.uk