Three Questioned By RSPCA Over Abandoned Dog

Three people have been questioned by the RSPCA after a limping dog was caught on camera being abandoned.

The two men and a woman from the Preston, Lancs, area were spoken to after a man was seen abandoning the dog nearly 300 miles away.

He was caught on CCTV appearing to take the dog for a walk, but minutes later strides back to the car leaving the animal, which was unable to catch up due to a limp - her claws had actually grown around into her paws.

The man left in what appeared to be a metallic blue Mazda or Kia Rio car on September 17 in Weymouth, Dorset.

An RSPCA Spokeswomen said:

"Three people from the Preston area have now been questioned in relation to the abandonment of the dog and our investigation is on-going.''

The RSPCA said it will continue to investigate before passing the case to prosecutors.

Thousands of people have since come forward to rehome the shetland cross terrier named Ginger.

Woodlands Farm Kennels in Bridport, where Ginger is being looked after, said they have had to stop taking calls after interest from around the world, with people offering to fly to the UK from as far as Canada to take her home.

Owner of the kennels Mary Bull said:

"We had to stop taking down details when numbers got to over 100.

"We have to wait now until the RSPCA say we can rehome her, as in many cases the dog will have to stay here until after any prosecution.''

"Ginger is improving nicely she's been running in the fields and chasing a stick and playing tug of war.

"Despite what she's been through she adores having human contact and just loves people.''

The maximum sentence for causing a dog unnecessary suffering is six months in prison and/or a £20,000 fine.