Top Award For 21012 Sailing Organiser

The man who organised the London 2012 sailing competition at sites including Weymouth has been honoured with a top award from the sports international governing body.

London 2012 sailing manager Rob Andrews has been presented with the International Sailing Federation (Isaf) President Development Award for having ''long been instrumental in driving sailing forward''.

Using the Nothe Gardens in Weymouth Bay, where friends, family and spectators could watch the action at London 2012, was highlighted for praise.

Each day 5,000 paying spectators gathered at the Nothe Gardens.

This was the first time in the sport's history that tickets to watch sailing could be bought in the same way as all other sports, Isaf noted.

It was part of a team effort to try and ensure the London 2012 regatta helped move the sport on by having a clear focus on the on-water management, sports presentation and television production, according to Isaf.

Presenting the award, Isaf president Goran Petersson said: ''Over the last five years he has transferred his commitment and passion to the international stage. The 2012 Olympic Sailing Competition set new standards for sailing and at the heart of the development was Rob.

''Rob had an excellent working relationship with the International Sailing Federation and we now look forward to seeing his knowledge transferred to future sailing events.''

Mr Andrews became London 2012's sailing manager in spring 2008.

Work is now under way to try and continue the developments and breakthroughs made, by Mr Andrews, through to the Rio 2016 and beyond.