Victim Offers Job To Teenage Vandal

25 January 2011, 09:57 | Updated: 10 February 2011, 12:47

A Poole youngster’s hard work to repay the owners of two vehicles he damaged has led to one of them offering him a part-time job.

The 15-year-old boy took part in a restorative justice conference where it was agreed that he would undertake unpaid work in the victims’ gardens at weekends until they felt that he had made up for the damage.

One of the victims was so impressed with the boy’s work that he offered him a weekend job carrying out landscape gardening work.


The victim, a Poole man, said:

 “I felt that the meeting went well. The lad honoured his side of the arrangement and I was satisfied with his work. I’m pleased to have him working for me.”

The vehicles were damaged in Johnston Road, Poole, in April last year. The offender was located and arrested in a nearby road and he pleaded guilty to the crimes. As it was his first offence it was decided that a restorative justice conference would be the best option.

The conference was held at Poole Police Station and was attended by the young person, his parents, the two victims and a restorative justice facilitator from Dorset Police.

Restorative justice conferences give offenders of certain low-level crimes the opportunity to face their victims and make amends without receiving a criminal record. They are offered to young people, up to the age of 17, who have pleaded guilty.

The victim is also given the chance to tell the offender how the crime has affected them and have a say in the offender’s punishment.

PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) Stuart Mabbutt, of the Poole Town and Oakdale Safer Neighbourhood Team, said:

 “The outcome of this conference has been positive for everyone involved. The victims were given a say in the process and were ultimately satisfied with the offender’s hard work. The boy was able to face up to the consequences of his actions and learn a valuable lesson at the same time.”

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