Warning After Men Pick Up Shells At Army Range

The Ministry of Defence is warning the public to be vigilant after two men were seen carrying tank shells at a Dorset beauty spot.

The pair were photographed with the devices slung over their shoulders by a member of the public.

The shells were found at Worbarrow Bay, part of the 7,000-acre Lulworth Military Range used by the Army for tank firing practice.

The Ministry of Defence urged the public to stick to designated pathways and not to touch any military objects they may find.

"The MoD takes the safety of the public extremely seriously and all pathways at Lulworth Ranges that are open to the public are cleared of military debris, including shells, before access is permitted,'' a spokeswoman said.

"A number of signs have been placed on-site warning members of the public of the dangers of venturing from authorised pathways and removing shells.

"Unfortunately there are instances where these warnings are ignored.

"The MoD urges public using the ranges to keep to the designated pathways and be advised that it is extremely dangerous to touch any military material they may find.''

Later, the Ministry of Defence said the shells had been recovered.