Waterfront IMAX Consultation

20 April 2010, 14:30 | Updated: 20 April 2010, 14:38

Waterfront IMAX: What did 3,509 people have to say?

When presented with seven options for the future of the Waterfront (IMAX) site in Bournemouth, people gave their overall support for:

1. Tropical gardens

2. Water park

3. Interactive arts, museum and entertainment

4. Performing arts space / amphitheatre

Overall, people were not keen for the site to feature any of the following as stand-alone attractions:

1. Boutiques and bistros

2. A spa

3. Family play park

The results show that a mixture of attractions is most likely to appeal to a broad range of people, with water park & performing arts, water park & tropical gardens and water park & interactive arts facility the most popular combinations.

The responses, three-quarters of which were received from Bournemouth residents, also included over 2,000 extra comments. Many of these gave support to improving sea views and ensuring that any replacement building is attractive.

Many people chose to comment with details of why they supported or opposed particular options. These included:

Tropical Gardens

· Blends well with the surrounding Gardens and seafront

· Need not negatively impact on the sea views

· A peaceful and relaxing attraction

· Potential duplication of the existing Gardens

· Limited appeal for repeat visits

Water park

· All-weather attraction for families

· Would generate income

· Do not have a similar facility in Bournemouth

· Concerns about height of building and unsightly water slides visible from outside

· Possibility of such an attraction being ‘tacky’

· Not appealing for people without children

 Interactive arts, museum and entertainment

· Need for more cultural attractions to Bournemouth

· Could be fun and educational for all

· Limited appeal

· Couldn’t compete with larger attractions of this type provided in London and other big cities

 Performing arts space / amphitheatre

· Need for more cultural attractions to Bournemouth

· With a wide range of performances the attraction could have broad appeal.

· Could be like Covent Garden in London

· Unnecessary with other venues nearby

· May have limited appeal

 Family play park

· Would appeal to visiting and resident families in all weathers. 

· Excludes those without children


· Complement Bournemouth’s history as a town for relaxing and recuperating

· Good synergy with the seafront location

· Unnecessary and would compete with Spa facilities offered in local hotels.

Boutiques & bistros

· Would be a complementary addition to one or more of the other suggestions

· Good option providing the outlets were independent retailers and of good quality

· Opportunity for a wider range of seafront bistros and cafes in particular.

· Duplication of town centre facilities

· If the ‘wrong type’ of drinking establishments were allowed on to the seafront this would not enhance Bournemouth’s reputation.

On 28th April, Cabinet will consider the results of the public consultation and decide which option or options to explore further through a feasibility study. This feasibility work will involve looking at how achievable each of the options could be, including whether they are likely to be attractive to a private investor, as well as the size of any building that would be needed.